What Happens When You Start Doing Things that Matter

Have you ever stopped in the middle of your journey to ask yourself: “What am I really meant to do with my life?”

I don’t think having a career that we excel in ever started in the middle or its peak. That’s why it’s called a start isn’t it? You start by just doing, doing what’s familiar at first and then finding out what you’re good at. You keep doing the routine until you’re confronted with the numbing question if you enjoy what you’re doing or not. Is it something you see doing for the rest of your life?

I believe everyone is meant to do great things and it doesn’t matter where you start or how you start, you’ll eventually get there. You play your part and the things you want start happening when you start doing things that actually matter to you.

I specialize in helping thought leaders spread their message and I’ve seen the same principle to work. The ones who are most successful and still in business, wing it, then improve later. Always start your ideas with action—because even if you have great ideas, if you’re not turning them into reality, nobody will ever hear of it.

I was once asked by a client what topics would work for his audience because as far as his efforts have gone, not everything received the response he had hoped for. My answer is very simple: you have to believe in your ideas first before any one ever will. It is the fuel to your projects, one that produces consistent actions and delivers a brilliant strategy.

Starting or getting your ideas off the ground is the most critical time when you’re almost quite doubtful and the most insecure. But when you pursue things that matter to you, it becomes unshakeable, an obsession you need to fulfil. Pleasing others is no longer the main motivation. The idea itself wakes you up in the middle of the night pulsating mad.

So back to the time when I myself was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I consulted with friends, reflected a lot and sought some comfort from career/ success books. Then, one day I came across an article that stayed with me and built the core of my values when doing projects.

The line goes:

You’ll know what you’re supposed to do with your life when talent intersects with opportunities.

This line ripples the adage: learn to listen to your life.

Learn to take notice in opportunities that demand a specific talent within you while also exciting and liberating you at the same time.

We all have a journey and no matter what we do, I believe we’ll always end up where we are supposed to be. So today, every time I meet someone who asks the question: “What should I do with my life?”, I answer with that quote.

You’ll know what you’re supposed to do with your life when talent intersects with opportunities.

I’ve done all sorts of odd jobs in the past, if you’re a worker, I’m sure you have done it too. And until that phrase, I found I have been growing a career in Marketing where I have been oblivious to the patterns of my opportunities. Not only that, I did not realize it was what I enjoy doing the most.

But then you say, what if what you want to do is such a broad subject, how do you know what to do exactly?

Again, outline the opportunities in your life and find what among them you love doing the most. Opportunities happen when you’re doing something you’re great at. The second step is to deal with the big question of: do you enjoy doing it too?

Here’s the secret sauce for knowing what you’re meant to do in life:

Opportunities + projects that matter to you = what you’re meant to do in life

I found that when you start doing things that matter, you’ll excel at it and grow because you’ll push further more than you initially intended. When you do things that actually matter to you, it brings in opportunities that you’re meant to do because you possess the gifts that make those opportunities a success!

And when you focus on pursuing things that only bring you satisfaction, even if you fail, you rest to recover only to do it again. It becomes a cycle bringing you to serendipitous events that coincide with what you truly want to do in life.

Mark Cuban said in a Shark Tank episode, you only have to get it right ONCE and then you’re set for life!

So what are the projects that matter to you? Start doing them today!


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