Progressive Joe and Pumpkin Pie

No one else will touch your life like the people who work with you that put you on a pedestal.

I admire people who are so resilient and at the same time honest. I admire people who can say that they cannot deliver the kind of work expected even if there is not much pressure given to them.

I’ve been able to work with people locally and internationally and yet people by nature are all the same. When they do not know what they want out of life themselves, it will be very difficult for them to work with others.

Today, in between the busy holiday schedule and my day job and the client inquiries that I needed to respond to, I received a text message from a potential supplier who I reached out to weeks before.

I had not expected any updates from him like the countless other people who just went with the wind like dust. But this particular person reached out after weeks.

Progressive Joe, I want to call him. 

He apologised, like how Pinoys are taught by the Chinese to constantly ask for forgiveness even without fault. He advised that he has reached out to his other contacts without getting any reply. And that he would still go off on a search in the northern part of town to find me what I was looking for.

I have learned in the past to grow some patience. Great things take time, and great people emerge during these times. That is why choosing to work with the right kind of people is always key to progress. By the time that you’ve spent so man-hours waiting for the right guy to come into your life, you learn the tricks to the trade. Patience should always be coupled with kindness because when you lose your head, you lose those people too.

And it pays to be both. Because in between the chaos, there’s something good that will come along. Like Pumpkin Pie or Banana Tofee Pie from Micky’s. But that will be another story.



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