content writer for hire



content writer for hire

April has always been curious about what draws in people. She writes about them and identifies with them in her business approach. She enjoys weaving together a need and a want that simply can only be achieved by customer satisfaction. Customer behavior has always intrigued her, because it’s what runs the show.

She studied Industrial Engineering and Marketing while being highly trained in research writing. Her first job with a Harvard professor earned her skills in strategy and consumer behavior. She attended a Leadership course under the Integrated Resort and Casino Management program in Macau where it ignited her passion for doing projects that matter.

Today, she pursues a career in digital marketing where she helps industry leaders increase business through thought leadership. She works with top level executives and business owners to strengthen their personal brand as an expert in their industry thereby opening doors to more partnerships and new business.

She’s a sucker for the beach and finds inspiration for new strategies in the numerous adventures she and her 2 daughters take.